Sensorion strives to be the first to bring effective drug candidates to patients with inner ear disorders. 

Our efficient, in-house, Research and Development platform:
 - Was developed based on our scientific expertise and years of international research on the inner ear, 
 - Incorporates the most recent scientific advances for in vitro and functional cellular ex vivo assays, in-vivo disease models, pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics and toxicology studies,
 - Allows for a reproducible process for developing next-generation products,
 - Is dedicated to discovering first-in-class drug candidates for dysfunctions of the inner ear.


Latest news

  • 11 Jul 2019

    Sensorion receives FDA IND approval for Arazasetron (SENS-401). Read

  • 01 Jul 2019

    Sensorion announces an oral presentation at the 5th congress of European ORL-Head & Neck Surgery in Brussels. Read

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